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Please note that from week 2016/14 the ratings are based on target group 4+ yrs.
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Yle TV2, Week 28/2018
Demographic Group:: All 4+ Years Old
Population:: 5,249,000
Rating on
same day
Rating within
7 days
1.FIFAn jalkapallon MM 2018: Välierä CRO - ENGWed8:15 PM1,828,000893,000896,000
2.FIFAn jalkapallon MM 2018: Välierä FRA - BELTue8:15 PM1,724,000836,000837,000
3.FIFAn jalkapallon MM 2018: Loppuottelu FRA - CROSun4:15 PM1,808,000779,000779,000
4.FIFAn jalkapallon MM 2018: Pronssiottelu BEL - ENGSat4:46 PM1,172,000577,000577,000
5.Yleisurheilun nuorten U20 MMFri7:44 PM689,000370,000370,000
6.Kesäkumibiisi 2018: Antti Tuisku - KumipukuSun8:53 PM220,000237,000237,000
7.Tampere Open, erä Suomen tennishistoriaaSat7:30 PM260,000198,000198,000
8.Rallicrossin SM: JurvaSun3:45 PM259,000168,000172,000
9.Luottomies (12)Tue8:00 PM172,000154,000156,000
10.Yle Live: Ruisrock 2018Mon9:00 PM480,000145,000149,000
11.Kummeli (7)Sat12:40 PM191,000146,000146,000
12.Ryhmä Hau (S)Mon7:57 AM105,00081,000142,000
13.UrheiluruutuThu9:55 PM124,000126,000126,000
14.YleXPop 2018 : Mikael GabrielSun8:57 PM267,000125,000125,000
15.Yle UutisetThu9:50 PM116,000119,000121,000
16.Villi korttiSat7:55 PM249,000120,000120,000
17.Extremeä ympäri maailmaaTue8:11 PM97,000112,000114,000
18.Casualty (12)Tue12:31 PM189,000100,000113,000
19.YleXPop 2018 : EvelinaSun9:45 PM155,000109,000109,000
20.Nimipäiväonnittelu: 9.7.Mon8:20 AM082,000107,000
Demographic Group
The target group being analyzed.
Population size of the target group in Finland.
Average number of viewers during the program.
Program Reach
Number of program viewers that viewed at least 3 consecutive minutes.

For recurring programs, only the best broadcast is listed.

With the exception of news and children's programmes, programmes shorter than three minutes are not reported.

Source: Finnpanel Oy / TV Audience Measurement

This table is also available in CSV and XML format.

Since the beginning of 2008 guest viewing and timeshift viewing are included in the ratings. This must be taken into account when comparing the results to previous years. The latest weekly ratings contain timeshift viewing only during the same day. Monthly and yearly and older weekly ratings contain timeshift viewing during seven days.

Finnpanel Oy produces the TV ratings by the means of panel reasearch. Peoplemeters are installed installed to each TV set of a 1100 household sample (approximately 2300 individuals). The peoplemeters automatically identify the channel and time of viewing. The resuls are reported daily to the subscribers of the survey.

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